Epson (DS-530 II) Scanner

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    • Optical Resolution: 300 dpi


    • Max Resolution: 1200 dpi


    • Scan Speed: 35 ppm / 70 ipm


    • Maximum Scan Size: 8.5 x 240"

Digitize your documents in no time with the DS-530 Color Duplex Document Scanner from Epson which utilizes a 50-sheet single-pass duplex automatic document feeder to reach speeds of up to 35 ppm or 70 ipm. Scans will be of superb quality with sharp text due to an optical resolution of 300 dpi and an interpolated resolution of up to 1200 dpi. Also, this unit is quite versatile, able to handle documents ranging in size from 2 x 2" up to 8.5 x 240".

Featuring TWAIN and ISIS drivers, the DS-530 is easily integrated into your existing system. Also, it offers Dynamic Skew Connection and Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection to ensure your scans aren't missing pages and are lined up correctly. For durability, the scanner is designed to handle about 4,000 sheets per day. Additionally, it has a speedy USB 3.0 connection for handling large data.

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